Recognizing the need for and desire to have Sunday Afternoon Worship Services, some of the older citizens of the Miles Community gathered to hold worship services under a Bush Arbor built in the woods on Barnett Store road. When the weather became too cold the services were moved to the home of Mr. Preston Miles.


After some time, the Unity School was constructed of logs, given and built by the patrons of the community on land donated by Mr. Miles, it served as a school during the week and for Sunday School and Worship Services on Sunday. Reverend P. T. Wiley served as Pastor for the Worship Services.


In the year 1917, the first frame church was built by the same citizens who began the first services.  It was located on the same site as the present church.  After its completion, members were borrowed from the Sweet Gum Grove Baptist Church. Mr. Milton Willis and Mr. Preston Miles served as deacons. The first member by baptism was Mr. Joe Dixon.  


Reverend Wiley served as pastor until 1928, when he became ill. During his illness, Reverend Ira Wiley served as pastor and continued serving for seven years. The church consisted of twenty-two members at that time.


In August of 1935, Reverend John H. Love of Caswell County, was called to pastor the church.  During his tenure, the church grew to approximately one hundred and fifty members.  Also during Reverend Love’s tenure, the church was remodeled, a heating system and water were installed, and land was acquired for a cemetery, and many other accomplishments were realized. During this time Miles Chapel only held worship service on the second Sunday of the month. Reverend Love resigned in August of 1964 after serving for twenty-nine years.  


In February of 1965, Reverend W. V. McLaughlin was installed as pastor of Miles Chapel.  Under his leadership the membership grew to approximately two hundred and sixty-five members. The present church was built in the year 1969. Much progress was made during Reverend McLaughlin’s tenure, with the church adding fourth Sunday to its worship schedule. The original building was improved upon with the additions of a baptistry, a conference room, a lady’s lounge, and an annex to the fellowship hall. The church also purchased two vans during his tenure. Reverend McLaughlin served until his death in 1987, having served twenty-two years.


Reverend Robert Jarrell, Jr. was installed as pastor of Miles Chapel in March of 1988. During his tenure, the church added the remaining Sundays to its worship schedule. A youth choir was organized and given a Sunday to render music for worship services. It also added the foyer and restrooms on the main level of the church and the garage for the vans. Reverend Jarrell resigned in October of 1991, after serving three years.

In April of 1993 Reverend Bruce Hurst was called to pastor Mile Chapel.  During his tenure, the church continued to grow and prosper; the kitchen and pastor’s study were added and a weekly Bible Study was begun.  Reverend Hurst resigned in June of 2006, after having served thirteen years.


In April of 2007 Reverend Doctor Victor-Lamonte Lane was called to pastor Miles Chapel.  During his tenure, the church continued to prosper in the Word of God; the picnic area facility and storage areas were added to the garage. For the first-time women were added to the Trustee and Deacon Boards, many beneficial changes were made during his tenure.  Doctor Lane resigned in September of 2013 after serving six years.  


Our current pastor, Reverend Scottie F. Torain came to Miles Chapel in September of 2014. The church has continued to grow in Praise, Worship, and Knowledge of the Lord, as well as many additions have been made to our membership.


The church is blessed to have licensed many ministers, namely, Reverend Rainey Enoch, Reverend Charlie Miles, Reverend James Louis Paylor, Reverend Doctor Rickey Woods, Reverend Jackie Little, Reverend Joe Miles, III, Reverend Mark Leath, Reverend Ervin Miles, Reverend Melvin Yarborough, Reverend Jimmy Currie, Reverend Kenneth Richmond, Minister Clint Morrow, Minister Logan D. Miles, Minister Pamela Hester, Minister Tasha McGhee, Minister Eugene Jeffers, and Minister Betty Haith.


In 2013, Reverend Marvin Jones joined Miles Chapel as a member and has been an asset to the church and the Ministerial Team.


We are blessed to have the following ministries; the Abraham and Sarah Senior Ministry, the Ministerial Ministry, the Health Matters Ministry, the Leadership Ministry, Youth Ministry, Young Adult Ministry, Outreach Ministry, Men of Valor Ministry, Hospitality Ministry, Audio Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Ushers Ministry, Kitchen Ministry, Music Ministry, Van Service Ministry, Christian Education Ministry, and Intercessory Prayer Ministry.  Our governing ministries along with our Pastor, are the Church Council, the Deacon Board, and the Trustee Board.


Today we pause to thank and praise God, from Whom all blessings flow, for all the wondrous things He has done, is still doing and will continue to do for the Miles Chapel Baptist Church.